It has been many years since the fall of Scoria and much of their psytech has spread around the world. The strange corporatizing of adventuring is a result of this historical incident. After the Fall, Scoria was ransacked for its treasures. These items were bought and sold, examined and realized, until they could be duplicated to some degree and disseminated throughout the world. The Fall of Scoria provided a moment of uplift for the rest of the world, pushing it to the next phase in its evolution.

Characters are sponsored by corporations that have “donated” the creatures or organs that the players possess. This allows them to be Adventurers, a very prestigious, dangerous, and lucrative profession. Being an active member in the profession requires a 10% payment per month to the Prefecture from which the character originated. Another 20% goes to the “sponsoring corporation” and if it cannot be paid repo men are sent out to reclaim the organ or creature.
Licensed adventurers are required to carry a Cubic Observer with them at all times when on a mission. This Cube records information about valuables back to the headquarters of the sponsors and the Prefecture and anyone else who might be getting a piece of the party’s pie.
The party’s papers identify them as Troop 894-332-GammaOmega, Kogit Prefecture, Urth 348. They can call themselves whatever they want, but officially they are known as Troop 894-332-GammaOmega, Kogit Prefecture, Urth 348.
Players are allowed to outfit themselves with pretty much anything they need. The catch is that anything beyond what they have found and kept or bought with their own money must be rented from the Sponsors or the Prefecture or some outside company for a further percentage. If you need a +2 Sword, Flaming you may be able to get it from your Sponsors, but it will cost you 5% of the take. More items add further percentages. Finding that balance between cashflow and survival can become quite a dance.
Characters can come to be seen as celebrities. Cubic Observers record all information within a 100 foot radius. The Cube can replay this information with the proper equipment. People can either view a 3D image or become one of the characters through a linked psychofeed. This provides the greatest entertainment in the world. The sponsorship grew out of this new psytech and other businesses quickly began to flourish. A whole culture has now developed with “reality” viewing and Adventurer sponsorship a major economic boon to many areas.
This entertainment is provided, generally, in one of two ways. Either Dungeon Delving or Gladiatorial Combat. Cubic Observers are used in both cases, while Gladiatorial Combat has the further angle of a live audience.
Sponsors can come from anywhere. They are not always huge corporations. Sometimes a town or city will sponsor a group to do a specific task. These are often given to the less experienced troops as more popular troops often have bigger and more lucrative sponsors. If a troop is sponsored by a town and has to travel to that area travel is usually part of the bargain and arranged beforehand. Only the newest of Troops and poorest of sponsors require that the Troop make their own travel arrangements. Wealthy (or not so wealthy) individuals may also sponsor a Troop through the Prefecture or the Parent Sponsors of the Troop.
Adventuring Troops fill the roles of shock troops, investigators, muscle, soldiers, negotiators, etc, and can be shipped to any place in the world for the right price. If a town has been invaded by goblins – sponsor an Adventuring Troop. If an ogre has abducted someone and is demanding a ransom – sponsor an Adventuring Troop. A new warlord is trying to gain dominion over your village? Sponsor an Adventuring Troop.

Troop GammaOmega is a starting Troop without much in the way of sponsorship. They have their initial grafts/symbionts, but nothing else of value. They are currently stationed in Val Koos, a city on the northern edge of the Cin Cak sub-continent of the LominLo landmass. Val Koos is the capital of Kogit Prefecture and serves as a jumping off point for new adventuring troops who need Prefecture sponsorship to get started. Think of it as getting government loans to help you through college. The Prefecture sponsors new Troops in the hopes that some of them will make it big and provide good entertainment and revenue. This will bring bigger sponsors to the area and create more profits for all.
Troop GammaOmega has just started, their license is still fresh. They have access to the Prefectures store of magical items, but this store is small compared to the resources of a corporation specializing in Adventure sponsorship. Characters may start out with certain monies, but it will be docked a certain percent due to the cost of sponsorship and further adventures will be docked accordingly for anything rented from the Prefectures stores.

Is there a larger plot going on behind the scenes? What are the Scorians doing to reclaim their inheritance? Are the PCs being manipulated?

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