Elvadorer Padoo

Ranger with a funky name.


Elvadorer Padoo Human Ranger 3 Chaotic Evil

Team: 982-335

S:13 D:16 C:10 I:11 W:14 C:8

HP: 17 AC: 18

Saving Throws: For: 6 Ref: 4 Wil: 3

Initiative modifier: +3

Skill Ranks Heal:4(+2=6 total) Hide:5(+3=8 total) Knowledge (nature): 3 Listen: 4 (+2=6 total) Move Silently: 5 (+3=8) Ride:3 (+3=6) Spot: 6 (+2=8) Survival: 5 (+2=7) Use Rope: 4 (+3=7)

Favored Enemy: Orc

Feats Endurance Track Wild Empathy Point Blank Rapid Shot

Equip Chain Shirt (AC bonus:+4, Check Penalty: -2) Longbow (1d6/ 1d8 crit: x3, 100ft range) Longsword (1d4, 19-20/x2) Light Steel Shield Quiver w/20 arrows Dagger Waterskin Trail Rations Sheep Gut Condoms Flint


Elvadorer Padoo

Scoria Prime Team 982-335 The Gozerian